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2 Productivity Hacks That Top Realtors Use

2 Productivity Hacks That Top Realtors Use
It’s sometimes the life of a Realtor… 7 days a week & jam-packed schedules.
We’ve worked with some of the best agents across the country (like the #1 team in California Suneet Agarwal) & got a unique view inside their operations.
Here are 2 trends we’ve seen commonly leveraged by top real estate pros:
Top Realtor Productivity Hacks
  1. Planning An Entire Calendar Day Each Night Beforehand – Everyone gets unexpected surprises & curveballs. But it will set you up for as much productivity as possible ahead of time if you have clarity on the priorities & agenda of each day.
    It’s a matter of knowing what you’re doing but also when you’re doing it.
    Consider using a booking tool like calendly as a filter to protect & organize your schedule.
    We love this quote about a “plan” vs. a “schedule.”
    “A plan is, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” — Peter Turla

    2. Question If Each Activity Is Your HIBU –  Your what? Your highest & best usage of time.

    Is what you’re about to spend your time on going to have the biggest impact possible at moving you towards your goal.
    Sometimes the most productive thing to do is to eliminate or delegate an activity. One easy way to think about this is through any sort of ‘automation’ in your life & business.
    Do you outsource your property photography? Do you automate your farming & marketing?
    Automating a process can be a force multiplier for your business. It can exponentially grow the parts of your business that should be done repeatedly.

    “Automation is good, so long as you know exactly where to put the machine. ” —Eliyahu Goldratt

    This is why we’ve built an automation engine for Realtors to get inbound calls from homeowners in their core market.

    You can schedule a time to speak with us & we’ll show you exactly how we’re setting this up for some of the best agents in the country… you know, like that #1 team in California 😉
    Stay tuned for more from the squad over here at Celebrity Agent & we’re wishing you a productive week!!
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