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3 Tips For Growing Your Market Share

3 Tips For Growing Your Market Share
It’s the game within the game… growing your market share.
A bigger slice of the pie equates to more business. Ya know, “it’s a numbers game!”
So, HOW are the best agents doing that? What strategies are working in 2022 in order to grow your real estate business?
Here are 3 tips that you can implement right now:
3 Tips For Growing Your Market Share
  1. Get On Video. It’s becoming less of an option & more of a necessity. Clients today expect to see your face, hear your voice, & to get a feel for your vibe… all before ever even meeting you.
    Property tours & dancing trends are cool & all – but it’s important to create *depth* with your clients too. SHOW them who you are & teach them how you can help through videos & social media.

  2. Host A Live Event. This can be a charity event, local wine tasting, or family friendly at a fun venue… But finding unique ways to connect with your community in person has major benefits for your brand.
    Keep in mind, you don’t always have to be the host. You can attend everything that’s happening in your market. Just get out there, meet some new & old friends & stay top of mind.

  3. Stay Consistent With 1-to-1 Communication. This can be through personalized text messages, phone calls or direct mail. However you do this, it’s important to be consistent. Don’t just “check in” or talk about “the crazy market” – always have a specific reason or point to share. The more specific the better.
    This is one of the biggest reasons we automate hand-written letters for our clients. It’s a scalable way to market & farm your neighborhood while also having that personal touch.
    Each of our clients here at Celebrity Agent sends hyper targeted letters to their farm. We’ve even seen some clients get listing appointments from their first campaign with us.
    If you’re interested in hearing more about our strategies, schedule a call & we’ll show you how it’s done.
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