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Why Fast Communication Means Big Commissions (And What You Can Do About It) 

The speed at which you respond to a new lead will dictate your closing rate. If you want more commissions, respond quickly. For responses made in the first minute, there is a 391% increase in sales eventually closed. (Sopro, citing … Read More

What are Role Based Email Addresses and Why You Shouldn’t Use One for Outbound Emails

Building Brand Equity For Realtors

Building Brand Equity For Realtors

What is a Realtor’s brand? It’s the number of relationships x the depth of those relationships. The quantity & the quality. The number of people who know, like & trust a Realtor has a direct correlation to the value of their brand… and … Read More

2 Productivity Hacks That Top Realtors Use

2 Productivity Hacks That Top Realtors Use

It’s sometimes the life of a Realtor… 7 days a week & jam-packed schedules. We’ve worked with some of the best agents across the country (like the #1 team in California Suneet Agarwal) & got a unique view inside their operations. Here are … Read More


Realtors: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

In 2022, we’re on track to see one of the HOTTEST real estate markets ever. With that comes challenges and wins. Ups & downs. But not all Realtors are created equal. And in a market like this, it’s especially important … Read More

3 Tips For Growing Your Market Share

3 Tips For Growing Your Market Share

It’s the game within the game… growing your market share. A bigger slice of the pie equates to more business. Ya know, “it’s a numbers game!” So, HOW are the best agents doing that? What strategies are working in 2022 in order … Read More

3 Ways To Work Your Database For Maximum ROI

3 Ways To Work Your Database For Maximum ROI

In 2022, housing inventory is at an all time low. There are currently MORE realtors than homes for sale. It’s not easy to generate new business. So, it’s that much more important for real estate pros to be making the … Read More