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How Agents Lose Money by Neglecting Past Clients

How Agents Lose Money by Neglecting Past Clients
How agents lose the client

When we search past clients of agents, we consistently find a subset who used the agent once but not again for the next transaction. There should be no sicker feeling for an agent because that is an easy commission they lost. In higher priced areas, agents lose six figures per year by neglecting past clients.

Per NAR, most transactions come from past clients and their referrals, yet 91% of agents NEVER contact the buyer or seller after closing. Wow!

Below we show you how to automatically and cheaply make sure you don’t lose your past clients.

Retain all your clients easy

There is no easier group to market to than past clients because you know their name and address and often have their cell phone and email address. For the Celebrity Agent, staying in touch is just checking the box that allows the software to do its magic.

Here is an example automated, personalized campaign covering eight-months for owners Tara and Shaun in Coronado.

Celebrity Agent Handwritten Letter
Celebrity Agent Handwritten Letter
Celebrity Agent Handwritten Letter
Celebrity Agent Handwritten Letter

If you check the box that allows Celebrity Agent to automatically do the above for you, you will not lose your past clients. Your relationships with them will be on auto-pilot. Moreover, as per below, you can exponentially increase your referrals. 

How to get referrals from clients

The best way to get referrals from clients is to ask. Asking is easy if you’ve been staying in touch . 

Celebrity Agent Text

If you are keeping in meaningful touch with your past clients, you will feel very comfortable with the software asking for a referral like the one above. If you aren’t keeping up, you will feel slimy — like calling a friend you haven’t spoken with for years only when you need a favor.


Help us help you. Check the box that allows Celebrity Agent to keep in touch with your past clients and occasionally ask them for a referral. Once checked, the software writes personal, often home-specific messages that the agent can let fly or review/edit based on their preferences. Doing so is literally the easiest, most effective way we know of to exponentially increase your commission checks over time.

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