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"Wow, I love the data and I love the automation! My mind was blown.
Suneet Agarwal
Suneet Agarwal
#1 Team In CA, 1,800+ Homes Sold Per Year
Suneet Agarwal
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Christy Morrison
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"Celebrity Agent has been my biggest source of listings this year!".
Christy Morrison
Christy Morrison
Top Team - Home And Slate Real Estate
"There isn't a month that goes by that Rob and I aren't on 1-3 listing pitches"
Joy Bender & Rob Aumann
Rob & Joy Aumann
Compass | Luxury SoCal Realty

Trusted by top agents and teams across the country.

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What clients are saying

"Just got an inbound call this morning and set an appointment tomorrow at noon for a 1.8M listing!!!! Let's go!!!"

“It's working!! We've made 8k so far and another 4k closing next week...the leads are totally coming in, and from a farm with only 400 home sites”

"By the way, so far signed one listing and got my buyer under contract with an off market property. It's working! 🙂

"Just had 2 great conversations, set 1 listing appointment, hopefully going under contract this week!"

"Great responses coming in!!!"

“In my first 90 days, I’ve closed 2 buyers and generated new conversations with 25 homeowners in my farm who I had never previously spoken with, 8 of whom I am now actively working as new listing opportunities. I could not be more excited!”

"Hi Michael! Holy smokes. Celebrity Agent is working so well. And our listing season has not even started. I just wanted to say thank you! "

"Just got another listing appointment from the just sold letter that went out! Thank you!"

"I love the response rates we're getting!"

You’re in good company. Over the past 12 months, 
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Listing Opportunities Generated With Celebrity Agent

Mini Case Studies

We deployed our data-driven, personalized and hyper targeted letter which led to this inbound voicemail.
Which led to a 2.35m listing and this
response from our client...

"Hey Ryan - This is the second Celebrity agent inbound that I have listed so far. Calls have been strong and I hope to have another listed this upcoming week! Very happy with the initial launch of this marketing program!

We deployed a micro-targeted direct mail letter which led to this inbound referral where the referral came from a buyer of a sold listing (who our agent didn't even represent).
Which led to a 1.2m closing and
this response from our client...

Reporting Success 🙂 Jackson, Happy Monday! Wanted to let you know that last month's message about if the client knew someone needing help buying. A house that I sold as a listing agent actually referred me to the clients who just closed escrow! So...a $1,200.000 buyer at 2% was the result! YIPPEE!!!

We celebrate our clients results daily